Because we provide far more than just a schedule and rates. With advanced research and media reporting capabilities, we craft personalized plans to take your message to the masses.

Strategy & Planning

Identify. Target. Engage.

Eye-catching, memorable advertising is our goal for your business. It requires not only great creative, but also great media buying strategies. We leverage our strong vendor relationships to help pinpoint your prospects and deliver maximum bang for your advertising buck.

Pre- and Post-Buy Analysis

Get your money’s worth.

A message is only great if it’s received. We paint a crystal-clear picture of expected impressions for your print, radio, TV, streaming video and audio, outdoor, and digital advertising plans. Our detailed post-buy analysis tells us where your ads ran, and—more importantly—where they didn’t. This added-value process allows us to:

  • show the value of every advertising dollar
  • hold media outlets accountable for their promised audience delivery
  • obtain make-good replacement impressions for under-delivery

Tracking & Reporting

Advanced tools. Powerful capabilities.

Our processes leverage highly-specialized software to make sure your media buys always deliver. Detailed demographic research from Comscore tells us the best places to target your customers where and when they are likely to act on your message. We then use Strata—an industry-leading analytics software—to reconcile your carefully planned campaigns with actual deliverable impression values.